Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Wifi Password Hacking Tool – Hack Wireless Networks

Our team has worked many years to develop program to hack wifi passwords easily and after few years we finally succeed. To get the program go to the end of this page and click the download button!

WiFi password Hack Download:



Wifi network is another name of wireless network or wireless internet, that name often used by none of the technical users that just know the way to access the WLAN network wirelessly, these people know a lot besides just accessing. Wifi Cracker network is originally a short form of wireless fidelity. Although, several advance users don’t know this technology, it is basically known by the name of Wifi Cracker network. Term of WLAN network is written in several ways that are fiwi, Wi-Fi, WIFI, Hi-fi and WLAN network. The concept of Wifi Cracker network was put forward by Wi-Fi alliance in the year 1985 it was an era when people didn’t use WLAN network for commercial purposes but this Wifi network was just set for some organizations for some testing purposes. Wifi network Alliance is first design in the development of WLAN network technology. Hardware that is associated with the Wifi Hack network is usually certified by the Wifi network Alliance compliance.

The WLAN network was developed and designed properly and then ultimately launched for general public usage in United States of America in ninety’s , gradually WLAN network becomes standard for a lot of communications of computer in the countless organizations all over the world. WLAN Cracker network uses every network that refers to any sort of 802.11 standards of network that is set with the help of IEEE. IEEE is the short form for Institute of Electric and Electronic Engineering. In the world of technology, there are lot of the enhancements that are made on the standards of dual network, 802.11a and 802.11b. Latest standard of the family 802.11 is the 802.11y. Some other popular standards include 802.16; they are standards of upcoming technology called WiMax. There is another popular set of the standards for the Ethernet it is called IEEE 802.3.

Cracker the most Popular Encryption (WEP, WPA, WPA-2).

The radar indicates how many networks are around!

Worked in 99% in WEP, 88% in WPA, and 76% in WPA-2. Tested by our team!

Upload password list in .txt with button “Search Password (.txt) only works WPA and WPA2

CONSOLE: Shows all details in real time the latest information (ONLY in Version 3.40 or UP)

Free UPDATES using PatchUpdate.exe and Password List Updately Month!!

Worked in Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and MAC OS, and Linux OS!

“Wifi Password Hack is really Easy and Simple Tool. I just LOVE IT! The first thing why I love it as much : It’s DAMN Fast. It’s Cracking passwords in a matter of seconds. REALLY, you won’t find tool like that anywhere else. Second Thing : It’s completelly free, you can download it and it works instantly… That’s why I decided to download it, other hacks aren’t that fast or don’t work anymore. Wifi Password Hack is different, just take a chance to test it.

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